Improve your throwing velocity and improve your throwing mechanics at the same time.

You will add arm strength and improve your throwing endurance in just a few weeks.

Pick up the FastArm and swing it a few times before you start throwing a baseball and see how good your arm feels with your first throw.

Recommended for all positions.

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Product Science

The FastArm acts like a catapult, in that it helps increase the (EPE) Elastic Potential Energy in your arm. Then it programs your arm to release the EPE and convert it to (KE) Kinetic Energy at the precise location (release point) where you maximize you Kinetic Energy Potential. The length, the weight, and the shape of the FastArm programs the coordination pattern that produces the greatest arm speed. The radial inertia the FastArm develops transmits its energy through to your hand where you can achieve maximum arm speed. Features soft durable closed-cell vinyl foam grips for a comfortable yet strong grip. Each FastArm comes with a complete Instruction Manual on how to properly use it.


If you want to really help your baseball or softball player develop a great throwing arm they need the right coordination pattern and the Fast Arm forces them to use that pattern.


Improve your arm action and your arm's kinetic ability.

Infielders and the Fast Arm throwing trainer

Infielder have to have a quick arm release from different arm positions depending on where they catch the ball and what way they are turned requiring a great deal of flexibility. They lead with the elbow from all positions to be accurate

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