My name is Bob Kaiser and I invented the FastArm so I could keep playing baseball. Yes I can still throw like a young player at age 64, and I played for many professional teams from 1968-1984, including the Sarasota Indians, Reno Silver Sox, Savannah Indians, Wichita Aeros, Cleveland Indians, Elmira Pioneers, Portland Beavers, Clinton Tigers, Montgomery Rebels, Anderson Tigers, San Antonio and Jacksonville Suns. I love the game of baseball and invented these products at to help the next wave of baseball players around the world.

    In 1984 I designed a product called the Sport Stick that was endorsed by Nolan Ryan. The Sport Stick was distributed by Rawlings Sporting Goods. I invented the FastArm in 1995 and used it every evening doing about 30-50 repetitions ( at slow speed) and it did not take long before I was throwing a baseball without any pain, and throwing faster than I did in 1984 the year I was invited to big league spring training with the San Francisco Giants. I actually threw 2 complete 9 inning games in 48 hours. I also noticed I had no stiffness and soreness the following day. I built a few up and sent one to David Cone with the New York Yankees. Then out of no where players from the Yankees started to write and ask me to make one for them too. It was not until 2010 that I designed the new version with the t-handle and models for young and older players in baseball and softball.

    There is no reason the Fast Arm will not work for you. There are only a few players that have the natural coordination pattern to throw 90 mph, but with the Fast Arm and doing many repetitions starting from the cocking position you can program your entire body to duplicate the throwing motion with the ideal throwing mechanics for your body type, and throw at your theoretical maximum velocity.

    These revolutionary products absolutely deliver what they promise, and we believe in them so strongly that we back them up with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Please check out our products and feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions.


    Bob Kaiser
    Former MLB Player and Creator of FastArm

    Money Back Guarantee
    We want to make sure our line of FastArm products delivers complete satisfaction.
    OUR PROMISE: If you aren’t completely satisfied, return your products within 30 days for a full refund. Just pay the shipping.

    Bob Kaiser, Former MLB Player and Creator of FastArm

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