Improve your arm action and your arm's ability to absorb the kinetic energy supplied by your lower body to your arm. Accelerate your arm through the entire throwing motion using the lever arm action the FastArm supplies. The lever arm action coupled with the the offset bend of the FastArm provides dynamic torque that rotates and quides and coordinates your arm through a full range of motion improving release mechanics and increasing internal shoulder rotation capabilities. Gripping the FastArm different ways changes the hand position at the release point key to throwing 2 seam, 4 seam, curveball, and change up pitches.

The lever arm action the FastArm supplies allows you to use a natural throwing motion in slow motion to warm up and stretch the key muscles, and tendons used to throw a baseball.

The FastArm allows the user to control the speed thereby controlling the force thereby allowing greater control in warming up your arm. In cold weather, after long delays, and between games.


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