Throwing from different arm angles is a must for an infielder to play at the highest level. The lever arm action created by the FastArm will improve total body coordination required to get into all the correct mechanical positions to throw from different angles.

Stop the effects associated with the STRETCH REFLEX. The FastArm will slowly stretch the muscles and allow you to go from a stretched state and let the muscle contract to provide movement. Instead of relying on rapid snapping action to load the joint and another rapid motion to move the joint in the other direction. The FastArm will condition the muscles to absorb these rapid motions.



Stop short arm throwing action by using the FastArm everyday to lengthen out your arm action. The lever arm effect and the four seam grip using the FastArm and incorporating a crow hop will improve total body coordination required to throw with velocity and accuracy from all outfield positions. Don't limit your self to only being a left fielder due to lack of arm strength.

The FastArm allows the user to control the speed thereby controlling the force thereby allowing greater control in warming up your arm. In cold weather, after long delays, and between games.


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