FastArm Wins ABCA’s “Best of Show”

Collegiate Baseball Magazine ARTICLE about the FastArm following the “Best of Show” honor.

The FastArm was named “Best of Show” at the 66th annual ABCA Convention held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. from January 6-9, 2011. Over 4,600 coaches, the largest crowd ever to attend an ABCA convention, witnessed three and a half days of non-stop baseball.

Here is what Collegiate Baseball Magazine wrote about the FastArm following the “Best of Show” honor:


Remarkable Innovations Will Be Staples In The Game

Special To Collegiate Baseball
Jan. 28, 2011

The FastArm is a device that is designed to do a number of progressive things for pitchers.

The unique angled bar and weight of it creates an arm action that is desired by most high level instructors and orthopedic surgeons. As you take the FastArm back, it allows you to use your natural arm path to get to the device to a position that keeps the arm in a preferred biomechanical position. As you move your arm forward in the throwing motion, it allows external rotation and promotes external rotation on the follow through which is vital in maintaining arm health and velocity.

Although you do not throw the FastArm, it is a great tool to enhance and maintain ranges of motion associated with the throwing motion. Used at slower speeds, its weight is great for a quick warm up of the arm. In an era where throwing arm injuries are rapidly increasing, this product can be used to prevent injury as well as a great tool for the player returning to throwing post-injury.

One of the most significant issues with players recovering from an injury is getting the arm into a natural biomechanical throwing position. Typically there is some hesitance from the player as they guard their arm from experiencing the pain they once felt. The FastArm is a great alternative to help guide them to a safe recovery.



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