All New FastArm Max

Professional Athletes, College & Serious High School Players


This new version uses a heavier weighted 10 oz. regulation sized ball to provide even greater resistance, and improves external rotation to further develop your arm. The FastArm Max is ideal for professional athletes, college players and serious high school players ages 14 and up.

FastArm Max is perfect to work on arm speed and the curveball and change up coordination patterns.

The Fast Arm was invented in 1995, by Bob Kaiser, a former American Major League Baseball player, who played for many professional teams from 1968-1984, including the Sarasota Indians, Reno Silver Sox, Savannah Indians, Wichita Aeros, Cleveland Indians, Elmira Pioneers, Portland Beavers, Clinton Tigers, Montgomery Rebels, Anderson Tigers, San Antonio and Jacksonville Suns. Bob loves the game of baseball and invented the FastArm products to help the next wave of baseball players around the world.


  • Add velocity warm up key muscles, build strong decelerators and improve your throwing coordination
  • The FastArm stops short arm throwing action (dropping the elbow below shoulder)
  • More accurate throws are result of training with the FastArm
  • Add 10 mph to your fastball with the FastArm
  • With FastArm's year round workout program increase arm strength and endurance

The FastArm acts like a catapult (a device designed by ancient Greeks to propel objects), in that it helps increase the (EPE) Elastic Potential Energy in your arm. Then it programs your arm to release the EPE and convert it to (KE) Kinetic Energy at the precise location (release point) where you maximize you Kinetic Energy Potential. The length, the weight, and the shape of the FastArm programs the coordination pattern that produces the greatest arm speed. The radial inertia the FastArm develops transmits its energy through the FastArm to your hand where you can achieve maximum arm speed. Features soft durable closed-cell vinyl foam grips for a comfortable yet strong grip. Each FastArm comes with a complete Instruction Manual on how to properly use it.

There is no reason the Fast Arm will not work for you. There are only a few players that have the natural coordination pattern to throw 90 mph, but with the Fast Arm and doing many repetitions starting from the cocking position you can program your entire body to duplicate the throwing motion with the ideal throwing mechanics for your body type to throw at your theoretical maximum velocity.



  • Grip Type: Closed-cell Black Vinyl Foam
  • Shaft Material: Solid Steel Hot Rolled 1018 Powder Coated
  • Head Size: Regulation size baseball
  • League Name: American Major League Baseball
  • Net Weight: 1.8 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 inches Long x 5 inches Wide x 5 inches Deep

Each FastArm is Hand-Made in the USA by Bob Kaiser and his skilled American craftsmen.


These revolutionary products absolutely deliver what they promise, and we believe in them so strongly that we back them up with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


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