How the FastArm Improves Your Velocity

Scientific Principles Behind The FastArm That Improve Velocity


Many people wonder, scientifically speaking, how using the FastArm will help them throw faster, so let us explain how our revolutionary pitching aid works.

The FastArm essentially serves as a long lever arm out of the wrist joint. When used regularly, this long lever arm trains your arm to throw in unison with the rest of your body, which accomplishing several key functions. Here are 10 scientific explanations of how the FastArm will improve your velocity.

  1. Develops greater angle separation between key joints in the throwing motion (hips to trunk, trunk to shoulders, scapula, shoulder, and arm to trunk) through resistance.
  2. Programs your throwing pattern where the shoulder and elbow operate in the most efficient timed pattern needed to accelerate the long lever arm.
  3. Keeps you from dropping the elbow below the axis of the shoulder, preventing you from making a “short arm” throw.
  4. Improves shoulder external rotation through dynamic tension thereby giving you greater angular joint rotation. A key component in the physics of throwing faster.
  5. Improves shock absorbing capability of the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, allowing you to transfer the maximum amount of energy generated by the initial lower body throwing mechanics.
  6. Improves the range of motion, the coordination patterns, and acceleration of the following motions: scapular abduction, horizontal, external, internal shoulder rotation, elbow pronation, supination, wrist extension and flexion.
  7. Warming up with the Fast Arm using slower arm speeds provides greater angle displacements between joints and reduces the onset of the physiological induced stretch reflex, which is characteristic with throwing a lightweight baseball too fast, too soon.
  8. Features a boomerang type bend that is perpendicular to the handle grip that provides a cam effect that programs the ideal timing of the rotational movements of the forearm, wrist, and hand. This creates the ideal hand-wrist alignment at your natural release point.
  9. The FastArm’s perpendicular bend and the handle grip, along with the proper placement of the fingers on the handle grip, produces the forces that automatically rotate the forearm, wrist, and hand into the positions
    associated with the 4-seam fastball, 2-seam fastball, curveball and change-up release points.
  10. The Fast Arm lever and cam effect coupled with the momentum generated when simulating the throwing motion automatically pronate the forearm, wrist, and hand. This guides the arm to a complete follow through.

By improving your range of motion in key joint segments, increasing the energy absorbing and energy transfer capabilities of your muscles, tendons and joints, and improving your endurance and throwing mechanics, the Fast Arm is guaranteed to help you throw faster.



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