The best assistant throwing coach you can find is the FastArm.

Practice makes perfect and perfect practice is what the FastArm provides.

You can't use a short arm action when you use the FastArm. The lever arm effect will not allow the player to drop their elbow in relation to their trunk.The alignment between the shoulders and the elbow is maintained whether you throw over the top or from the side or from below the waist. When a player uses the FastArm they have to follow through. The lever arm effect carries the players arm to a complete follow through providing a coordinated path that will be duplicated after the player imprints the pattern after many repetitions.

The poorer the players mechanics the more repetitions required. However a player with poor mechanics has a method to getting better. The player with better throwing mechanics benefits from the lever arm action of the FastArm as it provides the feedback to better timing of the sequential movement used to throw and get the hand in the correct position and location at the release point. The coach can develop a program specifically to the player, their playing position and their dedication to improve.

Everytime the player uses the FastArm they are improving not only their arm action but the ability to repeat the action. The design of the FastArm provides a means for the player to contol the amount od centrifugal force being applied to the shoulder. The distractive force increases when throwing a baseball at faster speeds. But until those arm speeds are achieved the baseball provides little distractive force. The FastArm with its lever arm allows the controll of the distractive forces thereby allowing the player to be able to improve the ability to absorb and improve absorbing capabilities. Every coach can help his players reach their mechanical thresholds by implementing the FastArm into their program.



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